Democratising the Finance Industry & Changing the Game for Advisors

What does it actually take to disrupt an industry? The most effective disruptors (think Airbnb & Uber) are simply about giving people access to a product or service that they didn’t have before. A new way of knowing or doing things. INDX.GURU is disrupting the financial investment world through the democratisation of information.

For the everyday investor - this is big news. The finance game has largely been dominated by the experts - a relatively small group of professionals with access to information that is out of reach to the everyday investor. INDX.GURU throws open this market, making the world of finance and investing accessible to everyone. Not just in terms of making the information available, but also in the way in which people can access relevant data, ingest it, make sense of it and use it to easily make better, more informed investment decisions.

The Best of the Old, More of the New = Unrivalled Accessibility

INDX.GURU is all about blending the 'old' or more conventional ways of knowing things in the finance space, and the ‘new’ ways of knowing things. INDX.GURU provides users access to all the vital complex financial data, but the platform packages it up and curates it in such a way that is really easy to understand and a pleasure to navigate. INDX.GURU takes the old information and conventional data and serves it up in a new contextual way. Then, alongside this, INDX.GURU layers over the the exciting new technologies, ways of communicating and sharing knowledge. By taking media and social media conversations and giving users access to the real-time conversations that are happening in the social sphere, INDX.GURU gives investors a full spectrum snapshot of what's going on in the market across all relevant mediums at any given time.

INDX.GURU - A Game-Changer For Advisors

But importantly, INDX.GURU plays financial advisors into the game - not out of it. It’s a game changer for financial advisors, brokers and wealth management firms trying to figure out how to be relevant to their clients in a world of ever shrinking margins. Not only does INDX.GURU create a more informed and active trading community for higher frequency transactions and larger trades, but it offers the experts a unique level of visibility and insight into their client's investment needs and behaviour along with real-time engagement with clients facilitating more targeted, meaningful and profitable dialogue with clients. While democratising the investment game, INDX.GURU actually brings clients closer than ever before to their advisors.

If it’s happening NOW in the world of investing, you get to know about it first with INDX.GURU

Watch INDX.GURU's CCO, Yvette Le Grew chat with Sky News - Technology Behind Business about disruption in the investment space.


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